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Why Am I Doing This?
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in 2otaku's LiveJournal:

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
11:18 am
And for some fucking reason I can't figure out, this image is NOT loading. That sucks and ruins the story.

That was too funny to pass up. I carry my little Sony Cybershot with me all the time. I am always finding odd, funny, way cool and plain stupid things in the real world. Odd thing is I see Lexus, BMW, Caddies, all sorts of rather expensive cars in the parking lot all the time. So what is it? They have to shop here to afford the car payments or they are just wanting to spend less on what we all need. Laundry soap, food, socks and any other item we need to get by in this society.

I know Wal-Mart is either a hate it or you love it place. The way I see it is the economy caused WallyWorld to be. Low wages, high housing costs. Look at the gas prices! Seems to me if you aren’t willing to drive less, you’ll be spending less on your necessities.

I shop at Wally’s, sure. I don’t make tons of money, I drive an economy car, I even ride a bike or walk the 1.3 ( Wally’s is across the street from my job site ) miles to work at least 3 times a week now. I am lucky to live close to job and shopping, I don’t really use much fuel. It’s a trade off for having a job that uses a lot of fuel. I do feel bad about that sometimes, but if I wasn’t getting these kids to school, even though I am a small bus, there would be added cars and emissions more than what my one little bus does. Imagine that same thing with a school bus carrying 65-75 students?

I suppose it’s better with the buses. Is it?

Still not showing, damn it.
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
6:42 pm
... I suppose I am too honest. Shopping in WallyWorld today after work, I had to have some liquid so I left my cart inside and wandered out to the many vending machines just outside. Put my .50 in for a can of Diet Pepsi. 4 fell down into the holding area. "Wow!" I thought. Free soda. 3 of them. Cool. Gathered them up, dropped one and made a mental note which one, and walked back inside.

Then my mind wandered.... Wal-Mart is known for having security cameras EVERYWHERE. Gads. What if something caught me paying .50. Just .50 . Hmmm... I suppose this is stealing. Ack. Do I need that kind of trouble over a buck fifty? I don't steal. What was I thinking? I know they can't do anything until I leave the building. Wait, I WAS outside the building. So I am stealing these BUT bringing them into the store?

I parked outside the garden area cuz there usually isn't anyone checking out there even tho you can. So while getting my items checked, I held back the 3 cans of Pepsi, holding the one I was drinking. When the checker was done, I handed them to him and said, "I paid for this one but these also fell out and didn't want to just leave them there." He thanked me for being honest and would take care of them.

So here I am thinking back to the day someone started a fire in this store using women's underwear for fuel and as far as I know they haven't caught them yet. This closed the entire store down for 5 days while they replaced part of the floor and I guess got rid of the smoke smell.

And I was worried about a camera catching me? I muust have been tried from work.


Current Mood: guilty
Saturday, March 24th, 2007
11:02 am
Yes, I am here. Alive. Have way too much to do, yet I am here. On the computer cleaning up my LJ. My Flickr account a few months back said I had too many entries for the free account. I get on and delete some, forgetting I have some links posted here. So there aren't any entries here with photos until I decide what to do about it.

I left entries I deemed entertaining. Of interest or funny. I thing so, anyway.

Getting ready for SakuraCon. I bought a Mini Super Dollfie to take to the Con. Japanese ball jointed dolls are quite popular at Anime Conventions now, so I will dress my little dude up in a Sanzo cosplay. I need to make it first.

Too much to do. I haven't done much of anything in the house for 2 weeks, laundry stacked on the table, the carpet a mess with the vacuum just sitting there. And here I had a vistor that wanted to see my dollfie but she is very allergic to cats which I have one... she said she would handle that problem and came in. Omg... sooo embarrassed. Hey, my own damn fault for being lazy.

Where's the mop!

Current Mood: much
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
1:11 pm
Poorly organized Con.. so.....
.... as I type this, it is 12:44pm (PDT) Saturday, the 2nd of September. I am a pre-registered here for Kumoricon which started at 10am today. I am in my room. Why, you may ask.

1. Helped set up the mascot winner, I drove her and my daughter down from near Seattle. They didn't have a space for her to set up for selling her work. That was part of the deal for the use of her artwork on every badge I see, t-shirts..ect. She ended up with a half table next to the program cover winner which had her art ONLY on the cover, but she got more space? Some thing wrong here. They find us a small place, get her a badge which is a staff one, sure. I had to run out and get some items for her, so I look to get my pre-reg badge around 10:40am.

2. I was in the wrong line for 30 min and it was moving slow. I ask where/if there is a pre-reg line... find out there is from the 3rd staff badged person I grab walking by me....go find that one, no signage anywhere I could tell. Find this elusive line only to see it is many many people long... streaching outside with the mid-day sun beating down on those waiting in line. I have an over heating condition and can not stand in direct hot sun for more than 10 to 15 min before I must find shade. I moved from Florida to WA because of this problem.

3. Be aware there are events, panels, videos and the 10am opening that I am missing.... in fact the opening was pushed back to 10:45. That didn't help me and a lot of others. I'll be lucky to get to many of the things I wanted to do. But I will try.

I am leaving the room now at 1:30 and pray I don't have to stand outside in the mid-day sun seeing I am not a mad dog or an Englishmen.

Wish me luck, jeffers.

Current Mood: bitchy
Friday, July 14th, 2006
5:16 pm
It must be time to update the journal. After today’s encounter, I believe it is. Good place to vent. And I really need to VENT!

A friend toured Japan. I wanted to meet up with him with the notebook and have him talk about it while viewing his digital pictures. I picked the Hot Shots Java with free wifi in case there was something to look up while we were looking. All was fine until I tried to find a parking space on Anderson Parkway downtown Poulsbo. The nice weather and it being summer break from school, people were all over the place. I pulled into this parking area and was understanding it might be difficult to find a space.

What luck! There was a spot! Right there! I yielded to an older couple walking in front of me. Hey, I am a careful driver….. followed behind the obvious tourists. Just as they came to the open space, they stopped. I pulled forward and fully expected them to move on out of my way.

WRONG. The old lady motioned me on. What? I was going to park there. I put my signal on..maybe they didn’t know I intended on parking there. The old lady motioned with greater arm movements and pointed to the back rows. OMFG! They were SAVING that space??? Great. Fine. Maybe there was another. I am patient.

No… not a single space that wasn’t grabbed by a car in front of me. Creeping through the crowded parking area, I decide to try somewhere else. Drove up to 4th Ave up above the parkway…NOTHING anywhere. Now…. I decided to try the parkway one more time. And guess what? The old couple was still standing there. WTF!!?? It had been 10 minutes or more since they stood there. Where was this car coming from? California?

That’s it! Now I am hot. I pulled over to the space and signaled. She pointed down the row. I motioned I wanted there. She turned her back to me. I laid, and I mean LAID on my horn for a good 30seconds. That usually gets peoples attention. Odd thing was the outdoor eating area of JJ’s Fish House had people laughing at us and not much else. Old lady not budging.

Great… I have Poulsbo Police office number on my phone. Why? During the school year in the afternoon there is on occasion people parking illegally in handicapped spaces at the High School. We Special Needs buses have to park there for pick up in the afternoon. I call down and tell them about it, no problem… they send up a police car. So when I explain what was going on where I was, the girl on the phone says I needed to call 911 to get an officer to respond.

Gees! I don’t want to do that. What a stupid thing to call 911 for! Sorry, I am not going to call 911. So, if it’s going to possibly generate money like a parking fine, they would respond. Some old broad being a dipshit. Not gonna bother.

While making yet another circle, I see a car trying to pull into that space, I mean making the turn into it. Old witch has her hand on the car like she’s pushing it back out. I imagine if I forced my way in she’d sue me, claiming I assaulted her with my car. No doubt. I recall during the Christmas season this kind of thing happens in the ritzy shopping malls. Bellevue Square in Seattle comes to mind. There are altercations requiring the police. This is freakn’ little Norway! Just dumb tourists! Bus loads of them at times.

OK…. Time for a letter to the Chamber of Commerce. Hey, if there isn’t any parking, one can’t get out of the car and spend money, eh? Makes sense to me.

I just hang up disgusted. I suppose there are rude and obnoxious people in this world I can’t do anything about. I need to heed my own words of, “the only person you can actually control is yourself”.

We did the 3rd time around the parkway and see this horse trailer that was hauling cabinets. The door was just blocking a parking space. Without me even saying much, Amber gets out to close the door and clear it enough for me to park. Tada. My 1pm appointment is now 1:20pm.

Walking past a coffee shop, Amber stops… I tell her that wasn’t where we were going. Later she tells me she could hear that old lady talking bad about me. She was in that shop.

Good thing it was ‘later’.

Just thought of something….. I should have stayed where I was the 1st time. I would have blocked traffic everywhere in the parkway, then someone else would have called the police. And the party they were holding it for couldn’t get in to take it either. Just kept my cool and sat there. Damn! I’ll have to remember that.

Current Mood: cranky
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
8:37 pm
Good grief... about time I posted something.

OMG! What else can I say? The trip from Hell ended up being the most fantastic concert yet. Here we go…..

In the beginning, this road trip to Eugene was just going to be myself and Ryan, my favorite Moody Buddy. A mutual friend of ours wanted to go, and the original plan with her was she and her boyfriend were going to drive down in his car behind us. He smokes and likes to listen to his music while driving. Being from Jamaica, you most likely will know what his taste in music is. Picture dreadlocks also, he’s got’em. Not even close to moody, eh? Nope… he didn’t go, Beth was with us now.

So… we start out at my house. Beth and Ryan drive up, we are taking her car, no huge dog in my compact. I take my small bag out to the car and I hear.. “ Is there room in the trunk?” What? It’s an overnight trip. How much luggage is in there? It’s a mid-size car. Open the trunk. There is a dog bed, very much like a bean bag in it. We shove my (luckily) hard sided small bag in.

OK… it’s 10am, and a 5 hour drive, let’s go. Poor Ryan sits in the back. Why poor? Juno, the Husky is back there. Shedding. We are taking her because the owner doesn’t want to cause the dog any stress of being left either at home alone or a kennel. Juno is 12 years old. Fully grown. The car smells a bit of dog. Of course it does. OK fine.

We need blue glow sticks. We used up the ones we had in Seattle and I have no clue why we waited until the bloody last minute to find more. Waiting to turn left into The Party Store, this semi comes so close to hitting us, it’s not funny. Beth actually screams! She collects herself enough to get us into the parking lot. Ryan and I run inside to find the store has every color EXCEPT blue. Nothing blue what-so-ever!!!! Great. Let’s just go.

Not too much problems to start until we get on I-5 with the rain and trucks throwing spray off the tires as they fly by. Speed limits? What speed limits? People are going 80+ . It’s getting harder to see any lines in the road and I wasn’t driving. Why is it so hard to see? I asked Beth when was the last time she changed the wipers. “Wipers? Oh, I don’t think I have ever changed them.” , she says. The car is a 2001 model.

After a dog break and dinner, I offer to drive. I was eager to find a place to get wipers but also the time was slipping away. I also asked about her gas gauge. Is it accurate? She doesn’t know, she never lets it get below ½ a tank. We are below that now. It’s 5pm and we are not even close to Eugene. I passed a gas place and 10 more miles later figure we need to get gas, I don’t even want to think about running out. OK, get off the exit and find one. We did, 5 miles away from the freeway, BUT… they had wipers!!!

Wonderful! Much better. Now it’s another 30 miles. We get into Eugene and the motel at 6:30ish. 7:30 concert, but they never start on time. Us and Juno, she couldn’t stay in the hotel room, she would howl and get us in trouble. We still needed to get over to The Hult and get the will call ticket I bought just 3 days ago. As luck would have it, it was the 3rd row, stage right. John Lodge’s side. Ryan’s idol! Of course he would be sitting there. He said we could trade off at intermission. No way. That was HIS seat.

At intermission, he ran back over to our row A seats (there were AAA, BBB, CCC and DDD seat before A) and hugged us. He was in 7th Heaven! So happy! And we find the person next to him moved up to the 2nd row empty seat and row CCC had another empty seat, so we all moved over to that section. Cool. We are all together now. Security didn’t have a problem with us moving or cameras. Great, and I left my 35mm SLR with 800 speed film in the car. I was very tempted to go get it, I know now I should have brought it in regardless and I will kick myself for the rest of my life over it. We had such wonderful seats! We did our best with what cameras we had: http://www.flickr.com/photos/2otaku/

Ok… the 2nd half starts. We are rockn’ and having a fantastic time. People started getting into the band, more dancing and standing. I broke out my ‘toys’, blue stuff and something called a Skyliner I have had for years. Hard to explain, there is a bank of vertical red LEDs on the end, and a handle on the end that if you turned it sideways, it looked like a crank for something. This Skyliner is programmable. No doubt what we has it say… MOODY BLUES. It was in red, but that didn’t seem to matter, both John and Justin pointed and smiled at it. Oh, you twirl it over your head and later I hear the balcony could even see it!

Ride My Seesaw call all too soon. That is the ending song. All fans know this and people begin to move toward the stage. Ryan was up in a flash, up against the stage. The place was electric! I was watching Ryan, thinking I ought to have the camera ready, John Lodge just may give him the pick. No sooner than I thought it, John heads over and hands it to Ryan!!! OH MY GOD! This man is Ryan’s idol! This pick thing is a dream come true, for lack of a better cliché. OH MY GOD! Ryan has it! He really has IT! Even as I type, I get a bit misty-eyed about it. I am so delighted and happy for Ryan. I know what it means to him. He turns around with the biggest smile I have ever seen on anyone in my life. A brightness in his eyes. He’s is overcome with joy.

Wow. Wow. Wow. What can I say? Even if we do other concerts, this one will indeed be THE one to remember. In the lobby were articles not available in Seattle. Ryan got his tour program and a different t-shirt than the Seattle one. I got a window cling for my car. I was still spinning my skyliner, people asked where I got it, did I buy it here? Just because it said Moody Blues, I guess.

OK…. Seems like the town closes up at 11pm when we got out of the Hult. We drove back and looked for something open to eat. Only found a 7-11. Fine, they had burritos I could nuke back in the motel room. It was hard to get to sleep. What a rush! And when I did get to sleep, I discover Beth snores. Great. *sigh*

Now, morning. We shower and get packed and get out like again, around 10am. Found a bar/lounge/restaurant place outside of town. Come out to find a low tire. We can’t just put air in it, it may go flat again. We find a Les Swaub. Ryan and I find the 1 Hour Photo in a Fred Meyer. He had to see if he got anything good. Not all that great, but hey…they are OUR pictures. Get back over to Beth and Juno. We now have 3 new tires. They were bald!!! OMG! We could have died on that rain slick road! It was so bad, I could hardly tell where the lane was I was using, they lines just disappeared! Something was with us…. Or someone, pick one. Let’s go home.

I drove most of the way back. It was fine for the 1st 3 hours driving, after the doggie stop ( I was getting to know what Juno was saying too after that many miles) the rain started again. We stopped for dinner just before the border of WA state and fueled again. Ryan drove from the next doggie break in Port Orchard. Almost home. Beth drove after dropping me off at 8:30PM.

Later I find the woman standing next to Ryan wrote this on Lost Chords, the Moody Blues mail list:

“young man sitting next to me sharing the thrill, doing all the glowsticking, etc., like a pro. Justin purposely lets the crowd sing a bar or so of Question to him... "the love you've been giving has all been meant for you" a sea of arms pointing straight to him... [sigh]

it is already time for my walk along with them to end for now. John comes toward me, fixing to let me take his pick from the guitar strings. the young man leaps between us, and when John instead plucks it from the guitar neck and extends it out there, i let this boy take it. it's about putting our Moody's music on into the future, i think.”

EXCUSE ME! Ryan did NOT LEAP in front of anybody! I was there too. I didn’t go up to the stage like 50 others did, I didn’t want to be THAT close. I was hoping against hope Ryan would get THE pick. One of my mIrc chat people that knew all about the concert form our Sunday chat wrote to tell this woman she did a good thing by allowing the young man the chance to get the pick. I wanted to debate the so-called LEAP… but seeing this was my 1st post to Lost Chords in many, many years, it’s not a good idea to make waves. Maybe she felt he did leap, he was standing next to her, hard to leap from there to the stage everyone was pressed against. But this kind of thing is what people argue about, isn't it?. We both most likely have a different memory. It happens.

No, I behaved and went with the ‘praise’ route. Here’s what I replied to her:

>...................... and when John instead plucks it from the guitar >neck and extends it out there, i let this boy take it. it's about putting >our Moody's music on into the future, i think.

You are a most beautiful person! Bless you! I brought him (he is 19) to this concert, we did the Seattle Paramount one as well........... he placed that pick in with the lovely girlfriend's picture in his wallet so not to loose it. The look on his face when the security told him, "I better not see that on eBay." was priceless. He is still flying high. He is indeed a HUGE fan, John is his idol. He plays a bass also.
A once in a lifetime event, one he will never forget. We are working on how to frame it.

Oh yes, people asked what the item I used there was called, I got the name wrong...it's called a SKYLINER. Google it. It was seen all over the venue. Such fun, I love toys. Both John and Justin saw it and made a gesture to it. Seemed to like it. So again, Many Thanks for your kind action, you are a generous lady.

That ‘buttered up’ enough? Gads, that is NOT my style, but it worked better than being blunt with her. Hey, all that matters is we had a WONDERFUL concert, we got there and back safe. Very cool!

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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
2:44 pm
I am really pissed off about the last graduation I attended for the school district I have driven for these past 24 years. There is a saying that no one notices the school bus drivers UNTIL we are not where we are supposed to be at the time we are supposed to be there. So it shouldn’t be any surprise during the principle’s speech he mentions all the people the graduating students come in contact with all through the years they are here….. Teachers, cafeteria workers, grounds keepers, counselors, janitors, and security.

Yes. You got it. NOT word one about bus drivers. Nothing. Not like WE have anything to do with education. Actually, we don’t. We are asked to be cheerful and friendly because we are the 1st face the student sees each morning. How we act can set the day for our charges. That seems a touch important to me. How about you?

Guess the principle of the North Kit sap High School doesn’t think so.

The rest of the graduation was fine, even not as boring as they usually are. Congrads to the_balance. Thanks for wanting me there. I’ll always be there for you, my friend.

Loved the Blow Up Girl appearance. Good laugh.
Monday, June 6th, 2005
8:10 pm
OLD bus!
NOT a good start to the week.

I am always getting to the bus barn just in time to do what I need to do and get rolling. The time gets tighter the closer it gets to SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER… lol, just 10 ½ days now.

OK, so I am using a spare bus, my parking brake cable broke last week in bus # 90, my bus… and since bus 92 ( the spare) has just the one key, I always leave it at the barn on the key board. Always. I get there this morning, no key. WTF? I KNOW I hung it up on Friday. I know I did. Sometimes bus keys of the same year will work… I tried every key close to the same year and model. Nope. I called the base and told them there is no key for my bus. I took another bus (#95) that doesn’t have High school kids.

All through this route I am thinking back. I know I hung that key up. I really, really know I did! I get the route done on time but beating feet. I have to return this bus to the driver of route 95. Before I get there I recall being parked back much farther in that parking slot. I never park close to the front because I want to leave room for the big buses to swing in. We back into our slots.

Fine… I give the bus back to the other driver and walk over to my bus. The top part of the tires are wet. That means this bus was indeed MOVED this morning. The driver of another Special Needs bus like mine is walking towards me. I ask him, “Did you move this bus?” His was parked behind me on Friday. He leaves later than most of the larger buses so he can get around me. Usually. He says, “Yes.” “Where is the key?” “I just hung it back up.”

Ohmygod. This dipshit TOOK the key with him after he moved it. See? I KNEW I hung it up on Friday!!! I said to him, “That is the only key for 92 here, did you know that?” “Oh.. I thought you had one.” Oh wait, this is 92... Your bus is 90. Oh dear.” OH DEAR????? I grabbed his sleeve and said, “Leave the key IN the bus if you ever feel the need to move my bus again. ANY BUS I AM DRIVING… OK?” Then walked to get the key because I was going to be late if I didn’t get going . I don’t have a layover between high school and Elem. Not enough time. Lucky for me 2 students didn’t need to be picked up.

So it all worked. Stupid driver. People trust their children’s lives to that dumbass.
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
2:51 pm
It’s been a fun week. Ready for this?

I just got over a damn cold 2 weeks ago. Got another one. Damnit! It's been eons since I last fell, I was running out of the lounge at the Bus Barn and somehow didn't make a corner and went spralling to the floor. Too bad there wasn't anyone to see it. It was quite a show, I was laughung all the way to the bus. Now I feel it, a bit sore here and there. And on the 8th I hurry to Suncoast to get the latest Saiyuki. I am so pissed off you can not believe it. Let me explain.

I am a Saiyuki addict. Most people with children have the little tikes on the wallpaper of their cell phones. I have Cho Hakkai, my fav Saiyuki figure. There has been 50 episodes and a movie done. All the same ADV voice actors. Geneon gets the rights to put the next series out and doesn’t even consider using the same people. They are almost like family to me. I wrote, yes… snail mail, to Geneon and complained about this before Saiyuki Reload was done.

So where am I going with this?

I hate, despise, detest, loathe, abhor, deplore, disdain, (love a Thesaurus) scorn and
dislike what they did voice wise to this. Not happy at all with the new voice actors. There is no life, no banter between the characters. Hakkai is slightly feminine on the 1st set. This one has him positively gay. Not that gay is a bad thing, now… it’s just the running joke on the series. Sanzo sounds too bored, Gojyo voice is flat. Goku sounds like he's 3 years old.

The jokes don’t do a thing for me because of the delivery. So do I also blame the writers and the director for this disaster? I have cast commentary on the Saiyuki movie and each time the guy doing the interview mentions this was their last Saiyuki, you can just feel the sadness coming over the speakers! It breaks my heart! These people are as fond of Saiyuki as I am. I got email from Greg Ayers (Goku) and he said he need time alone after knowing he wasn’t going to do Goku any more. He loved doing Goku. I believe these people put all of themselves into this series. I can hear and feel it everytime I watch it. I need a daily Saiyuki fix! I am dead serious. Thank the High Ones I have Peacemaker coming out. I can still enjoy some of my favorite voice people. I am spreading the word on the Anime boards I visit. I am not alone.

Geneon will get no more money out of me on this. Why should I spend $24.99+tax for crap? In my letter I explained I was delighted the original Japanese cast was still there, since that would be the only way I will see it now. I can get the entire 26 episodes for $36.00 from Hong Kong! Why in the hell would I wait (they will be releasing these every other month) and spend more since I don’t want the dubbed stuff?

Hong Kong? Here’s my order.

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
7:31 pm
Nothing since 1-16. My bad.
Where do I start?

I have a nice cell phone. Nokia 3650. One of the kids on the bus wanted to see it. Ok. Not sure what he would want to do with it, but he hands it back and it’s turned off. I asked why. He said he was trying to save something from being deleted.

Time for dialog…………..

“Give me my phone. What are you talking about?”
“I accidentally deleted one.”
“What? Which one?”
“My daughter’s name AND number.”
“ Oh, is it? ”
“Uh…. Yeah.”
“ Do you know how to use a cell phone?”
“ No.”
“ Then why were you playing with this if you don’t know how to use one?”

Had to end it there because it looked like he was going to start crying. He cries easily then doesn’t stop for 20 minutes. Oh gees. Not that. I’m making noise like it’s no big deal… “I’ll put it back later. Not now cuz I don’t know the number.”

The bigger question was why did he delete ANYTHING. It’s not like if you just push a random button, things get deleted. It will ask you and there are ’yes’ and ’no’ buttons. He can read. I know he can. He’s High School… not a little kid. He’s 17. Sheesh.

The biggest question is what was I thinking handing him my phone in the first place?

Just kick me.
Kick me now.

Then I do it again! My wireless headset (Jabra BT200 bluetooth) was not on and in my ear, it was on my bag near me. He wanted to see it. Well, it’s not on and he doesn’t know how to turn it on, what could happen?

He holds down a button until the blue light stays on. Here we go again.

Dialog, please…………..

“ Is this on now?”
“ What? Let me see……AW, Now it’s in reset mode! Why did you do that?”
“ I wanted to turn it on. “
“ Why?”
“ I wanted to hear something.”
“ It doesn’t do anything until the phone rings!”
“ Oh.”
“ Now it won’t do anything.”
“ Did I break it?”
“ No.. but I can’t use it until I get it home and enter a code.”
“ I’m sorry… I didn’t know.”

He’s making that ’cry coming’ face. Oh gees…. Not that.

“ Hey, it’s OK…. I have another headset to use here.”
“ I am such an awful kid.”
“ Now don’t say that. It will get fixed. Don’t worry about it.”
“ Now you’ll never trust me again!”
“ That’s not true, I’ll just need to tell you what to do and not do, right?”
“ Really? I’m not in trouble?”
“ Don’t be silly, not at all.”

Kick harder.
Aim for my head.

In closing;

Would you rather. . .
have a ketchup-dispensing navel
a pencil-sharpening nostril?

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Saturday, January 8th, 2005
10:40 pm
Where do the days go?
Damn… Has it really been that long since I posted anything? My Bad.

Snow. Don’t like it. Don’t wanna drive in it.

Go away.

Go away now.


It is winter, what do I expect? Ok fine…. I didn’t even consider driving anywhere today. I was delighted it is Saturday. Don’t have to drive anywhere. Seeing as I know someone from Alaska now, The History Channel had a 90 minute deal on Alaska. I missed the last 30 minutes of it. I lost the dish signal. I bet there’s snow building up on my dish.

Go away.

Go away now.


Creating Amber’s gun for SakuraCon is going well enough. Have a lot of it done, painting and such. It’ll be cool when it’s done, I can tell. That means the sewing part will soon begin. My table will not be cleared for a while longer. *sigh*

Lovely student on the bus Friday decided he wanted to try to smack the others with the seat belt, the part with the buckle on it. There is a drive to get seat belts on ALL buses. I have a van so it doesn’t fall in the state requirements of what is called a school ‘bus’…. meaning seat belts are not needed because of the design of the regular size school bus. And being special needs I have car seats that need to be secured. I must have seat belts.

School bus passenger seating area is higher than the average vehicle on the road, seats are close together so passengers are not moving very far in a crash and the seat backs are padded. This is called compartmentalization. It is designed to protect the passengers. So, if this drive to get seat belts on all buses goes thru, then more kids will have more seat belt buckles to hit more other students with.

What fun. As for the seat belt buckle obsessed idiot I have on the bus now, I have to write him up,(I HATE paper work) he was a danger to the others. He needs to……………

Go away.

Go away now.


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Sunday, December 26th, 2004
10:31 am
The day after....................
Have a very merry and a happy too. That’s about all the Ho Ho Ho you get out of me.

So.. What did we do for this day? Sat on our butts for 13 hours watching the Last Exile Marathon on G4TechTV. 9am to 10pm. I am so sick stupid commercials. Like a channel dedicated to video games and the under 30 male would have many advertisers. So you saw and heard the same 10 or so. For 13 hours. What joy.

Have a friend out of town. The one keeping tabs on her place called me, which was cool, I offered any help that may be needed. Aren’t I *sweet*? He needed to go out for a while, so he asked if I could come let the dogs out around 2pm. I only missed a part of the marathon I had already seen. Damn dogs are lucky!

Woke up to this:
``All the planet is vibrating'' from the quake, said Enzo Boschi, the head of Italy's National Geophysics Institute. Speaking on SKY TG24 TV, Boschi said the quake even disturbed the Earth's rotation.

Really? That sounds not too good.

Seems to me if it did, we all should have felt that.

Did you feel it?

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Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
3:36 pm
Harry Houdini’s spirit is in a small tan dog that lives with me. No joke. Ta is this dog.

Hey, you have a seat belt on. You strap your kids in, don’t you? So why not your dog? Horror writer Stephen King was run down by a car that had a dog distracting the driver. Ta is a ‘go’ dog. Loves to go where ever you go in the car. Don’t matter where. Ta wants to go bye bye.

The other reason is the new car has BLACK interior. Black. Ta is tan. Yep… I’d like to keep the dog shedding confined to one area. We leave her in the car and she jumps into the front seats shedding all over. Then she has no clue on how to get back to the back seat. I didn’t say she was intelligent.

Back to Houdini……….. Petsmart has a harness for the car. Looks good, buckles on both sides.. Looks like a regular harness with wooly padding on the chest area. I didn’t happen to have Ta with me when I bought the small size and wondered if it would be too small.

So, we are getting out the door for Amber’s Saturday sword class. Ta is used to this and is ready to go. She jumps in the back seat… all is good. I grab her. She yelps. Did I mention Ta is a Class A drama queen? Pick her up, she yelps. Move her over, she yelps. Loud noise, she yelps. Small dogs do this if they don’t want to be bothered and have figured out if they sound like they are hurt, you will stop what you are doing. That worked once with me.

Ok.. On goes the harness. The larger loop on top goes around the seat beat that is buckled up. Ta sits looking like I just beat her. I close the door. Walk around to my door. Get in. Ta is out of the harness. Amber is laughing. I get back out and make the harness tighter. Ta yelps as I pull her over to me. Harness is snug. I close the door. Make to the back of the car and see Ta is out of harness. Amber is laughing more.

We leave class and dog stays in the harness. Ok.. That’s good, because it’s much tighter this time… and she did yelp as I buckled the side part because it did pinch her. Oops. Hey, not all yelps are false alarms.

We get home and I open Ta’s door, she jumps out and is hanging in the harness for maybe 3 seconds as I watch her wiggle backwards out of it.

Can I staple it on?

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Friday, December 17th, 2004
8:59 pm
Happy! Happy! Happy!

But sick too. Damn it! Don't know why I wouldn't get a cold. Putting little guys in car seats with green snot running down their noses. Guess it's better to get it now seeing that I don't need to get up early for 2 weeks.

Remember the cd's I copied for the bus? I didn't really listen to them well, and Amber assured me they didn't have bad words. Here's 3 grade school boys all connected to the cd player singing away and laughing hard! Well, that's nice, they are entertained and happy.... no fighting and such. Wait... what did I just hear?

At the last stop, I asked the kid to let me hear what was so funny. Ok... picture this. Think Dec The Halls and sing this in your head;

"Grab your balls like Michael Jackson"
"Fa La La La La La, La La La La"
Then there was something about hip thrusting action, exposing nibbles and squeeze your buns like Mr. Whipple.

Wonderful. All I need is kids going home and singing that! "Oh, Johnny? Where did you learn THAT song? On the school bus, Mom!" "Oh, and who had this music? The bus driver did, we had a 3 way connecter and 3 headsets on the cd player."

I figured to not make a huge deal about it, that is the best way to have kids forget something. So far so good. No calls from the boss man saying, "Come see me."

One of the High School kids' says he has a 'crush' on me? I reminded him I was old enough to be his Grandmother! 3 students have started calling me Grandma.


I'm going to bed now.
Monday, December 13th, 2004
5:55 pm
Lordy! Can I get some rest?
Seems like I am always just getting by on the sleep I get. That could be dangerous. It's about 6pm and I'll head to bed very soon. Why am I not getting rest? I am so tired I feel sick to my stomach. Now THAT's tired.

Anyway, had a kid clean my gutters. He did about 4 hours work.......... in two days. He starts out OK, but then took a lot, and I mean a LOT of breaks. He came in to see what I was doing on the computer and fell asleep in the chair. That was strange. And I think I'm tried?

Did some copies of Bob Rivers 'Twisted Christmas' CD for the kids on the bus. Only 2 of them 'got it'. Hey, it IS the short bus. I love all my kids, don't get me wrong.

I have 2 weeks off coming up soon. I'll catch up on the rest then.... maybe not.... do it NOW! Dream Well, All.

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
7:05 pm
Ok... here goes.
Seems everyone is doing this, why not me. This is the 1st entry, but I will not do much because I am beat!!! And it feels like a cold is coming on so added sleep will be needed.

Check back later.

If you want to.

2OTAKU.................. later.

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